Wednesday, October 8, 2008


From Dawn:

We have had a lot of losses lately at the farm and it is easy to get side tracked with sadness while life is continuing on with great joy all around us. I think this is why we were blessed with the arrival of these pygmy goats and the birth of little Luna, the most precocious kid we’ve ever known. If ever there was a being who came to this farm with a mission it is this gal. Every minute of her life is spent in joy. If things are too serious, well, then she finds a way to lighten them up. If the adult goats won’t play or they get butting each other around, she just jumps on top of one of them and stands there like a surfer riding a wave. Any inanimate object is an immediate piece of playground equipment. No matter what it is, it cannot possibly be too tall to be climbed or to slippery to be jumped upon. We have provided the goats with some fun things to play on in their yard and Luna was the first one up. All of 7.5 lbs now, she can jump 3 ft vertical with no trouble at all. It is just like her legs are little springs and that she is attached on this earth plane by a bungee cord. She is fearless. She is trusting. But by far the most endearing and amazing characteristic she displays is her desire and insistence on cuddling. She loves to be picked up and she snuggles right in and cuddles for as long as we will stand with her. And if you don’t pick her up when she wants you to, she stands there and paws at your leg until you absolutely must oblige. No day is too busy, no excuse for not taking time to snuggle is accepted. She is precious.

She also is starting to contemplate life. I kind of knew this was coming as I could feel the energy of this being moments after she was born and I knew she was sent here to stay with us. It feels like she knows us. She has been here before. And who she was before is not important right now. She wants us to focus on who she is now and what she has to share with us. She has come to share. She is focused. She is a straight talker. She is confident. You will be hearing more from her I’m sure. But for now, here are some of her thoughts about life and playing.

From Luna:

Here is what I say:

Find a warm place to stand in the sun and soak it up.

Find a friend to play with and play with all your might.

When you meet someone bigger than you, approach them with interest and kindness and they will approach you the same.

When you see something higher than you think you can reach, just jump for it and know you’ll land where you are supposed to. If you slide off, just jump a little higher next time. Don’t give up. If you can’t reach at first, find a friend to lend you a leg up.

And never ever forget the importance of touching with hearts. A good snuggle not only feels good to you, but to the one who snuggles with you as well. Never forget to take time out of your busy schedules to stop and just snuggle with another. Your heart will be filled with joy.

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Thanks, Luna.