Monday, August 3, 2009

Testiomonial of Growth

Running a website and maintaining a blog sometimes becomes a busy task in the bustling days of the Farm. Being in charge of 250-300 animals daily, 30 human employees, and all of the other desk work that comes with all of that, as well as doing animal communication consultations can many times be challenging enough. So when Amber Donkey suggested we start a blog I was not all that excited to start with. She actually requested a "forum where people could write in to me and we could answer their questions." I of course then determined that sounded like a blog.

Opening the daily lives of the animals and my relationship with them up to the public was a difficult decision. Its sort of like inviting a whole lot of people into your living room and saying to them, "hey, ask me anything you want." It can be exhausting, and as you see, I don't always keep up with it as frequently as I'd like. And there are days I have wondered if we are even reaching anyone. Is anyone out there? Does anyone really care? Sometimes, it is just dead silence in the ethers of the blog space. Friends tell me it is because people are thinking about what the animals are sharing. They are processing things. But sometimes even that would be helpful to hear. I don't have time for Twitter tweeting. I don't have time to do daily blog posts. But I have always intended for this blog to be a window for the wisdom of the animals to flow through and to get many of you to see things from a slightly different perspective.

Recently we got this letter in our email box from one of the people who submitted a question for Amber and whose life has changed from Amber's response. Amber was so touched, that she asked me if she could respond to her. That person has given me permission to share her experience and Amber's response to her with all of you. We thank you Anna!

Dear Dawn & Amber

Can you pass this on to Amber.

I just want to thank both of you and everything you are doing to help all these beautiful animals. Several months ago -April 2009, I wrote to Amber regarding how can I send someone love and pass no judgment for doing horrific things to animals.

She explained to stop the wheel of hatred and judgment. Back then, I couldn't understand why I would want to do this, because I felt so bad about these animals being abused and hated and judged the person or persons doing such a thing.

Not too long ago, it finally hit me! I don't know what happened, but something came over me that this is the way I should feel from now on. To this day I don't judge, hate or dislike anyone that does this. I actually send them love, compassion and bless them AND the animals that are involved.

Thank you for helping me be a better human and to stop the wheel of hate.


Amber's Response:

Hi Anna,
I just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing in this world to end the wheel of hatred and judgment. What a fine human being you are! Because of you and the conscious shift you have made, many more humans will benefit and grow, and many more animals will find peace in this world. Mark my words, it is how it all works. It is great to know you are out there.
Amber Donkey