Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tricky Humans

From Amber Donkey:

Now this is a particularly funny time of year. There is this very odd human tradition of dressing up in costumes and looking totally ridiculous. Some of the humans around here have gotten carried away over the years and tried to drag us animals into this festivity. We don’t really get it. They get all dressed up and then go door to door begging for treats. Then they think if they dress us up and drag us along that they will get even more treats. I’ve spoken to some animals who participated with this silly game before. And clearly, the animals have gotten no treats whatsoever out of the deal.

Now here is the clincher. I’ve seen it myself, right here in my own barn. They come dressed up mostly like animals. Yep. I’ve seen them dress up like cats, rabbits, even a moose. But when they dress us up, they try to make us look like humans. Famous humans sometimes. At Christmas, I get dressed up like Santa. They call me the Santa Donkey. It was fun the first year as the kids really loved it. But soon, no one noticed anymore. So what is it with you humans? Why do you insist on making animals in your own image? And why on earth do you try to look like animals? I think you owe it to yourselves as a species to really look into this.

The other thing some of you try to do is to make the spirit world scary. You dress up your kids as ghosts and creepy looking things to try to be scary. These little kids then walk around being scared to death of each other. But worse than that, they become afraid of “ghosts” or spirits. I can tell you one thing. I’ve never met a spirit that looked like a limp white sheet with holes in it. Something is seriously amiss.

If you want to be more like us, then you don’t need to dress up, you just need to act more like us. Its not what you wear, but how you wear it. Its not what you say, but how you mean it. Its not what you do, but who you are. Its not about your superior intelligence, its about opening your heart. Take the focus off your brains and try to live from your hearts more, and you would end up being more like us. And no matter how you dress us up to look like people, you will never understand us more by doing so. You will never appreciate us more. You will never be like us at all. Until the day comes when you understand that we are all in this together. That your superior ideas don’t make your ideas superior. That the one thing we care most about is your hearts, your feelings, and your compassion. Costumes don’t get you there. It would be far better to knock on a door and give a treat then to keep on knocking and expecting one. No matter what you wear, its who you are that we care about.

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