Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Winds of Change

From Amber Donkey:

Today on the farm, we are experiencing another weather system moving through. The wind is lashing at the barn as it stands resolute in its being our home, our energy holding it strong. The trees outside the barn are dancing lightly in the wind, knowing when to bend, when to give, and understanding that change is simply a movement and neither an ending nor beginning. It is winter in this great land we call home. It has been a cold winter and one with lots of snow, and yet, we weather this with the understanding and gratitude that we may feel the energy of the earth moving across her great expanse. The wind that comes today brings with it the energy from far west. The snow forms uniquely from our own water sources, but the wind brings with it a history. It is both old and new combined into one system. It is earth and sky. It is past and future.

In places before us, this same wind brought damage as things broke beneath its force. People died. Animals died. Trees died. Yet, the wind is not the bringer of havoc. It is simply the force of life moving. When that force meets constraints and gets bottled up, or bunched up, the force turns inward, spinning on its own energy, yet still seeking to move forward. All of life, every energy, every force, strives to move forward. Movement is the natural force of life. When energy ceases to move, it no longer lives on the earth plane. Constrained wind force then becomes very powerful on its path. Once it finds its way to move free again, it spreads out in its enormity and weakens in its focus. The more open focused we all can become, the less we will see these bottled up weather patterns emerge with ferocity. Whether they be over land or sea, the effect is still the same. Energy is energy and it will always flow. The conditions for which it moves though can be affected by all of us. As we expand our awareness, and as we encompass the rest of life within our circle, we will see these weather patterns follow suit and spread out as well. The more they spread out, the weaker the force that hits the ground. Violence is always the gift of beauty turned inside out until the force becomes unrecognizable and the effect the polar opposite of its natural expression. It is the same force that turns the gentleness of a breeze into the force of a deadly tornado. Be aware. Your energy affects everything around you.

Talk to the wind and become friends with the force for which the wind travels. Embrace the energy of the life force and that force will comfort your heart. Let the wind move the change you yearn for into or out of your life. We can look at the snow fall and feel great coldness and the still of winter. Or we can look at the flakes for the unique beauty that each one brings as it creates itself anew from a water droplet. We can wrap ourselves in that beauty or we can curse the cold until the warmth of spring. Every season is a breath of the Earth herself. Each breath brings life and a moment for the Earth to take what she needs for nourishment. Curse neither the season nor the gifts each brings. Welcome them and you will reunite your heartbeat with that of the Earth.

This is living life awake and as a participant. It is being a part of the family of the Earth.