Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do Animals Go to Heaven? Our Eternal Connection

One of our Facebook followers posted the following question, which we have been asked many times before, and we felt deserved a more thorough response. 

I recently had to say good- bye to my baby, Smokey (feral cat). It was a very difficult decision and feel like maybe I made the wrong decision. I've been struggling, wondering if I did the right thing. I miss him terribly. Do you think animals go to heaven? I just want to know he's in a better place.

Animal Communicator and Spring Farm CARES co-founder, Dawn Hayman answers this question from her perspective from years of experience working with many thousands of animals both in the physical and in spirit.  These animals have shared with Dawn their thoughts, experiences, and their journeys from the physical into spirit, and most especially their eternal relationships with the people who love them. 

Dawn:  I think that no matter how “prepared” we think we are when one of our beloved animal friends leaves, it is still a very difficult process to go through.  We form bonds with animals, (yes, even feral cats) that are often closer and more profound than any we have shared with humans in our lives.  The reasons for this are many but most especially because animals love us unconditionally and without judgment.  Because of these traits, we tend to let them in our hearts more deeply. 

It is important to know that the relationships we have with these animals, and with humans in our lives as well, are indeed eternal.  I say this not in a placating type of way or an attempt to make you feel better.  But the truth is that any animal or human I have communicated with in Spirit always communicates something in common.  They always tell me to tell their loved ones that they still feel them.  When we think of them, they still feel us.  That heart connection or love that we feel for them and from them, surpasses the bounds of the physical realm.  Think of it as a beam of light connecting your heart to theirs that stays intact even after they leave their physical bodies and go into Spirit.  You can still feel them.  And they can still feel us.  As an animal communicator, I have helped thousands of people re-connect with their friends in Spirit and it is always some of the most rewarding work I do. 

When we are faced with helping an animal move on with euthanasia it adds another layer of emotion as it is a normal process to suddenly second-guess our decisions afterwards.   But we need to know that if we approach this decision from our hearts, that our hearts will always know the truth.  Because our hearts are connected with theirs and they are walking this path with us and you are making the decision together.   You will absolutely know when the time is right.  Its never an easy decision, and often we find ourselves second-guessing afterwards.

In those times of doubt, and in our times of grief, it is most helpful to allow your heart to feel the love you feel for and from your loved one.  Think about times or even just a single moment, that makes you laugh and fill with joy for who they were in your life.  And even though you know that memory will be overshadowed by your missing them and grieving for them once again, keep remembering them doing something they loved to do.  With a feral cat, it may be watching them lie in their favorite place in the sun or to come up for a dish of food you put out.  As you allow that memory to fill you and feel the joy and love you have for that being, know that they are feeling you in that moment too.  If you do this, you will actually feel them there in your heart.  You will feel the connection.  And your grief will subside.  We will still miss them.  Still miss seeing them, touching them, watching their bodies.  But we can know in our hearts that the relationship we have with them is always right there where it always was and we are still connected by that sturdy thread of love.  Heart connection.  Heaven is so much more than a place.  Spirit is alive.  Spirit is as alive as being in the physical.  And when we allow ourselves to feel the connection, we do feel them and know they are still there and as alive in our hearts as they were when still in body.  We feel the truth that they are indeed ok and still safe within our hearts, and we are safely embraced within theirs. 

For more information on Dawn's seminar Embracing Spirit, and for information on consultations with her, please follow this link.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I lost my beloved feral kitty 2 weeks ago. I miss him so much and my heart keeps on breaking and have been trying to find something to help me believe he will always be with me and i him. I miss him more than i will even understand. Thank you for sharing something special to those if us with broken hearts.