Monday, September 1, 2008


Welcome, welcome, welcome! All of us animals here at Spring Farm CARES are so excited about this blog. I am Amber Donkey and I will be the main editor for this endeavor. This will be our forum to talk about different observations we may have about life on the farm or Life in general. We also will look forward to hearing your comments. No, I don’t have a computer in my stall nor do we have internet access in the barn. So let’s make sure you understand that this is real life and not make believe. Dawn will be doing all the typing and translating and filling us in on what you have to say.

All of life converses all of the time. Horses talk to ducks who talk to frogs etc. We communicate freely with all there is around us. This includes the plants and trees and all of the elements of the Earth. Humans have the ability to do this as well but many of you have forgotten. At Spring Farm CARES, we have Dawn Hayman who teaches animal communication and has done so for years. She has talked to more animals than I have! So we may even call on Dawn for some anecdotes from time to time. Let me just be sure that you understand then that the entries in this blog are not our human friends making this up for fun. This is work that our human friends are doing to listen and convey our messages to you. This is our reality. You have the choice to believe it or not. Let your heart be open to what you hear and let the wisdoms that are meant for you to understand be yours to know. Some of what we say may be very educational. Some may seem to be a stretch for you. Some will leave you laughing. Some will leave you crying. And some will leave you thinking and looking for more truths. But our sole purpose is to start a conversation. These are messages and observations to be shared. You are not separate from us. We are all one and we are all part of the same Earth. We are friends and we look forward to sharing many things together as we go. We look forward to hearing from you too!


Angela said...

Yay!! Looking forward to hearing from all of the animals at Spring Farm CARES.
You guys should all collaborate and write a book one day too.
Thank you for sharing.

Maryaprl said...

Thank you Amber donkey, all the animals and Dawn,

I'm thrilled that you started this blog. I'm looking to all the news and insights at SF.

I'm so sorry to hear that Angel and Helen of Troy passed. I had the pleasure of spending time with Helen. She was a spunky little kitten, that didn't let her disability stop her in any way. She absolutely adored Hero and he adored her back. I will miss her.

Thank you so much for starting this blog and sharing it with all of us.

Elizabeth H said...

I'm so glad to see this blog! I check the website regularly to see what's going on down at the farm. Thank you for keeping us connected to the wisdom and love.

Also I am sending my love and thoughts to you all for Angel, who I met many years ago, and for Helen of Troy; I did not know her, but remember Hero well and am glad he had her as a friend.

Ashley said...

I am in tears as I write, as I just read of the passing of the angel, Helen of Troy. She was a very special soul and will have forever changed my life. Thank you ever so much for blessing her with the opportunity to retire at Spring Farm CARES. I am forever indebted to your organization and will never forget what your staff, volunteers, and Hero did for enriching her short but fulfilled life.