Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ask Amber - June 2011 Part 2

Since we had 2 more questions submitted this month for Amber Donkey, we decided to add another edition of Ask Amber for the month.  We hope you enjoy them!

Q: Dear Amber, I am so happy to know that you still are with us, even when we miss your body and your greeting! Your answers always provide me with deep insights and often some good advice. Thank you for that!

I would like you to tell us more about your life in spirit - what do you do, besides your blog; what are you exploring and learning about (if it is not too indiscreet to ask).

When asking you this, I really feel like a child, like "tell me about heaven mum, I want to know." I've just a week ago been on Dawn’s workshop which was great. And it fuelled my wish to learn more - a strange situation because I know that I "already know", as all beings do, but have forgotten - as all (?) humans do...

In that sense, I hope you will answer.

Amber: I most happily will reply to your question! As to what I am now doing, it is hard to describe that to you exactly because I am doing things on multiple levels. You may say that I am multi-tasking. I am doing work within the spirit realm on my own continued spiritual growth and path. For this, I cannot describe it to you in any terms that would make sense to you. I still maintain a focus with teaching on the physical realm as well because this is what I chose to do. I love working within the framework of the physical realm and one day I will again return to take up residence again. Please do not ask when, where, what form, etc because I do not have answers to these questions and when I do, it will be my private decision. It is fair to say that I love to share from my heart and teach what I know. I am in clear pursuit then of adding as much new information and knowledge as I can. You may say that I am taking classes now and that would be an accurate statement. I am back in school.

As for what I’m exploring, it would be most appropriate to tell you that I am exploring more of who I am and how to represent that for myself. I am trying to become the best expression of my soul. This is an ongoing endeavor and learning experience. There is so much I’m doing. So much I’m experiencing. My soul is filled with happiness and delight.

And don’t be too hard on yourself for not remembering things about the spirit realm when you are in the physical realm. This is the nature of how the physical realm works and exactly WHY you chose to be there to experience the things you are. The physical realm offers you a space, or classroom if you think of it that way, to pursue great learning for your soul. There is much resistance in the physical realm due to the always constant presence of opposing forces. But this resistance is not an impediment to your learning. It is, in fact, the opportunity given to you to learn and experience things. Resistance offers you a mirror to see yourself better. The path of least resistance is not necessarily the most fulfilling or fruitful.

Q: I have a question about free will. I am currently studying with a spiritual school I consider to be very evolved in its teachings: it is a multi-faith school, there is no discrimination of any sort, it does not encourage celibacy or any other sort of self-denial or repression...BUT the teachers continually say that we humans are the only beings on Earth lucky enough to have free will, and therefore become co-creators with the Divine.

I do not understand this continual assertion - from my point of view, other beings are simply not as interested in interfering with each other as we humans are.

I wonder if perhaps I don't understand what free will really is. My gut feeling about this though is that it is just our poor self esteem causing us to find distinctions between ourselves and other creatures.

Would you mind sharing your opinion on this please?

Thank you.

Amber: I will share my opinion with you on this topic. The human need to hide is what fuels this sort of teaching. I know that it appears that it is the human need to be superior that makes them teach that humans are on the top of the chain of life and all else beneath them is inferior. But, it is my opinion from spending many lifetimes in loving relationships with humans, that it is not arrogance that causes them to feel they are different than all the others. It is fear.

Humans are the one species that has forgotten their connection to all of life. Instead, you have all talked yourselves into being different and not a part of the rest of it all. This dismisses you then from your responsibility and knowledge that you indeed are divine co-creators. Because if you as a species acknowledged that you are co-creating life, then you’d have to be more responsible. Instead, you can be victims to all else around you. You are a victim to the planets and the stars and their movements. You are victims to the weather systems and “natural disasters.” If you were to see that you are a part of creating all of that with your very thoughts and actions, then you’d have to do something to bring it into balance. Its far easier then to set yourself apart from all the others and that is what the human species has done.

You act as if humans invented free will and are so superior because you have it. Well, then I hope you are watching closely as to what you are creating. Because it is your higher intelligence that you think sets you apart. You think that humans are far superior because you can communicate at high levels. This is true. But you do not listen at all. Not to us, not to nature, not to spirit, and most of all, not to each other. That is something that the rest of nature remembers. Everything else feels emotions just as you do. We all create. We all have free will. But for you to admit that means that you need to live to a higher level of compassion. The true beauty of the human species is its ability to live within their hearts and to live from love and compassion. But the human species is only just starting to find that. When it is something that becomes more prevalent the world will change dramatically for the better because all will truly be creating from the divine energy of Life.

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Angela said...

Thank you Amber. I have tried to reply 3 times now and each time some technical 'glitch' sends my comments into a black hole. This is very strange and very annoying..but I am determined this time to get through.
I greatly appreciate and value your desire to keep working with us. Thanks again. Angela