Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ask Amber - May 2011

Dawn’s note: I apologize for the long delay in posts. We have been extremely busy with animal needs on the farm. The following question was submitted weeks ago and while Amber has been ready and willing to answer, the human component was absent! However, I find this now timely in light of the predictions, by one group, of the world ending May 21st and here we are on May 22nd, still here. I heard just today on a major news network that the next doomsday prediction was for the world to end on December 21, 2012 according to the Maya prophecy. I want to note here that this is misinformation. The Maya prophecy does not say the world will end in 2012. They however do talk about a very important calendar cycle ending and a new one beginning. The date for the end of that calendar cycle happens to translate to December 21, 2012 on the Gregorian calendar. The planet has gone through many of these cycles. This one is a cycle out of darkness and into light. But this doesn’t just suddenly happen on one day. This is happening now and we are in that shift. It is from this understanding that Amber has agreed to answer this question.

Question:  I would like to have you talk about, from the animals’ perspective, what will be occurring at the end of 2012 and beyond. How are the animals preparing? Will it be different for animals in the wild versus animals that live in close proximity to humans?

Amber:  I appreciate how this question was asked by the person sending it in. But I want to address a wider human audience at the same time. It is almost comical that people are going around screaming about the end of the universe and the end of the planet. It is comical because if you really believe this or fear it or worry about it, then why are you not doing something about it? Its like having a terrible infection in your lungs where you can’t get air and you fear dying of suffocation, but then you keep smoking cigarettes. If you care about the health of life and the planet, and if you care about what happens, then be a part of the healing. And you do that exactly the same way you would if you yourself were ill or diseased. If you feel dis-ease then address it. Live healthier. Love more freely. Forgive what you dared not forgive. Trust in divine energy. And live from your heart. It sounds so simple but in actuality it is not or else you’d all be doing it. But I tell you, it is that simple.

Now on to your question of what the animals are doing to prepare. The animals feel earth changes way before you do. We are generally the first ones to notice subtle changes because we live far more in tune to the earth and our environment. In that respect, the wild animals have a much clearer channel to that than the ones living with humans. But we are not all preparing for a single day to come that will change life as we know it. This is about shifting and the energy is shifting already. The chaos you see and feel around you that seems to be intensifying is indeed the human response to this shift. It doesn’t mean it is a bad shift or that horrible disasters are coming. Yes, weather is shifting. Yes, humans are changing a lot of natural things to respond unnaturally. But humans also hold the key to changing that. They are not victims to this change, they are actively creating it. That is the part that we find frustrating. All that really needs to happen is that you need to understand that you are indeed the creators of your world, just as we animals are as well. If you want to create destruction and chaos you can choose to go against the natural balance of things, or, you can remain asleep and you will find the same result. But if you choose to wake up and realize the harmony that is around you and start creating from that harmony, you will find yourself in a much different world faster than you can ever dream. How do I know this? Because it is the way of the universe. It is the guiding force of life. It just is.

So what happens if humans don’t change this and don’t find the harmony? That is something I do not have specific answers to. However, you can look at the history of this planet to see what has happened before during these epic shifts to see that great changes can be difficult or they can be easier. It all depends on how the mass energy carries it. Right now, humans hold that mass energy on this planet. You hold the balance. How do you make humanity see this? You don’t. Your job is not to change humanity. Humanity is made up of individual humans and like any chain in the environment; the strength of the whole is made up of the combined strength of each link. You are a link, each of you, a vital link in the chain of life. You need only work on yourselves to be the healthiest most loving link you can be. It is, dear friends, the piece of information we know. What are the animals doing to prepare? We are each staying with our own understanding of our own light and helping you to see yours. And with each new heart that opens, with each new light that shines, we rejoice for life and we focus on the light and not the darkness or the fear of what could happen. We focus on what light we know is there and we do all we can to help it grow, within each of us, and within each of you. Life will not end. It’s a matter of who wants to participate in the balance, light, and love of it and who does not. That choice is up to each of you.

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