Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Circle Completes - An Old Friend Leaves and a New One Arrives

From Amber Donkey:

This week we are all saddened in the barn to have lost one of our dearest friends – Yoda. Yoda was an amazing goat with a love of life that was so vast and deep that you couldn’t be around him without feeling it. He and 3 other goats were my pasture mates. He was the head goat and I was the head donkey. As a donkey, one of my jobs is to be a shepherd and to watch over and protect my flock. I never really had a flock before though until the past few years when I was put out to graze with these goofy goats. They really didn’t need me to guard them of course. But I did keep an eye on them and watch after them. On certain days, I was even known to play with them.

Yoda was a first rate clown. He was the tallest of all of the goats and he would climb up on the trees and pull the branches down and hold them for the smaller ones to nibble on the best leaves. He could make us all laugh, humans and animals alike, with his large ears and his ability to move them around when he needed to. But most of all, Yoda was kind. His heart was as big as his soul and he held all of us within it. He never was mean or took advantage of his height or stature over the smaller or younger goats. He had spent a lot of time with the llamas when they were still alive and was mentored by Gulliver in particular. He loved to make people laugh, especially when they were taking themselves too seriously. He also had an opinion on just about everything.

We all will miss him greatly. But I think I will miss him most of all for the joy he brought to my day. This was a difficult winter and many of us started to have trouble. Old bones ached a little more than usual, old joints seemed stiffer, and it was hard sometimes to remember that spring would indeed be coming. We had all hoped that Yoda could taste the spring grass again, but his body couldn’t make it. The people here tried everything and took great care of him as always. I love the folks here that care for us. They have been taking care of my old teeth and old bones too.

But just as our sadness came for the passing of Yoda and our feeling of loss for his large presence, we welcomed a new friend into our family. He arrived today and in the same way that Yoda had a big presence, this horse is the goat equivalent of huge. His name is Moose, if that doesn’t tell you something right there. He is magnificent. We all could feel his presence before he even came to the farm. He also has a physical problem right now but we are all hoping that he can heal and live with us for a long time to come. He is a gentle and quiet soul and we welcome him to our home.

If we have learned anything here at this farm, it is that faith can indeed be the bringer of miracles. We have enough faith here in our barn to go around many times. We have seen miracles happen and have helped them to happen. We recognize each being that walks into our barn as a brother or sister of spirit. We may never have met before, but we will now know each other forever. That is the excitement in welcoming someone new. And it is the same knowledge that allows us to move on when one of us leaves. We know in our hearts that we will forever share their love and energy in our lives and beyond. Today, while we are still sad for our loss of Yoda, we can also rejoice for the arrival of Moose. We can know the sadness of a parting and recognize the chance for a new friendship in the making. It is the circle complete. It is life being lived. And it is hearts being shared. It is what makes me realize how lucky I am to be here in this place and to rejoice once more in the circle of Life.

See you later Yoda! And welcome home Moose!


William Henry said...

Hello my friends. I'm am truly sadend by the passing of Yoda and Amber D. Amber D was my favorite. I enjoyed the time I spent with them both. I will always remember them.R.I.P.

William J. HEnry

Dawn Hayman/Spring Farm CARES said...

Editors Note:
Thanks for your note William. Amber Donkey though is alive and well. It was Yoda who passed but Amber was writing the memorial. She wanted to be sure you knew she is "still braying on cue."