Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Passing of a Great One - Amber Donkey

From Dawn:

It is with sadness that I announce that Amber Donkey has left this physical experience and has returned to spirit today. She lived an exquisite life and died of old age. She was close to 50 years old. It is also with great joy that I announce that she has informed me that her blog and communications will continue. She will continue to take questions in her Ask Amber format, and she will continue to share her experiences with us all. For a complete memorial to her, please see the memorial page on our website.

Her first communication is one that I am most honored to share. For those of you who have taken my workshop, Embracing Spirit, you will completely understand the honor I had in being invited by Amber to escort her over into spirit. For those of you new to this topic, I can only sum up in a sentence or two the work that I have been doing for many years, indeed most of my life. I have been given the honor of walking with many beings, human and animal, as they have left their bodies and moved from physical to spirit. I am frequently “called” to help in this passing. But in Amber’s case I was invited to walk with her as a friend, not because she needed help, but because she wanted to share this with me. And I was told that this experience would be mine to share with all of her readers so that you could know where she went and what she saw when she got there. This will be the start of a new conversation. For many it will be the first time for you to experience this. This is a trip I have made thousands of times. It is a realm I am used to operating in, but always am in awe of the wonder of it all. Amber’s body began slowly shutting down over the past 10 days and we began to understand and get used to the fact that she would be leaving. We all cried. We held her close. We did all the things she loved most in the world to do. We tried to just stay present with her through our sadness. And typical to Amber, she supported us the entire time. She spoke to us about her time with us and her love for us. And when the time came for her to move on, we were able to assist her to make her physical passing easier for her. She thanks Dr. Leigh Lain for being here and being fully present with her and with Margot and I when she left. And right up to the end, she treated us to her humor, her love, her wisdom, and she held us in her heart as deeply as we hold her in ours. We have 11 yrs. of memories to cherish.

And now, I’d like to share with all of you the experience that Amber had upon leaving her body and crossing through the portal into spirit. As I am allowed to do for very short periods of time, I was allowed to enter the portal with her into the spirit realm, and she let me see who met her and experience her passing, before I was told I had to return. Amber knew I understood the rules of not staying more than I could and we understood in advance that we would not say good-bye as our journey together is not over and continues onward.

Upon crossing over into spirit, she was met by 6 donkeys. As I stood beside her and she saw them coming, I could feel her excitement. And she spoke to me through this whole process. “Ah, here they come!” she told me. “These are the girls as I call them. They meet me each and every time I cross from physical into spirit. They are my guides and fellow teachers. They always appear to me in whatever form I am in at the time. I am a donkey now, so they arrive as donkeys. If I had been a goat, they would appear to me as goats.”

All the time this was going on, I was filled by the incredible light, warmth, and love of spirit. And it was like I could literally share in each feeling that Amber was experiencing.  It was as if her heart was open now to the space we were standing in and not contained in a body. All of her feelings were right there being shared with me. She was filled with such love and the full sense of returning home. I also understood instantly that these 6 donkeys were grandmother elders and that Amber was one of them. They were coming to welcome her back with them from a life well lived, and a job well done. The energy was vibrant and filled with a celebratory laughter.

And then, just as the six donkeys came closer to greet her, the form of a man appeared wearing a large sombrero and dressed all in bright gold. He radiated joy. Amber spoke to me about him. “Ah, good, you get to meet Maestro! I want you to be assured we are cared for here too. Maestro is incredible.” As he walked closer to us with a sense of excitement, he looked over towards Amber and said, “There you are old girl. Welcome back again!” I knew our time was growing short as I was not allowed to stay on this side for long. And admittedly I started to feel my own sadness of parting with such a dear friend. Amber sensed this immediately and flowed her love for me and all of us at the farm to me, flooding me with this incredible light energy that permeated every cell of my body. She turned and looked me in the eyes one last long piercing moment. A look that went straight to my heart and soul. “We always remember one another. Never forget that. You are with me in my heart as always and I will return to work with you again. You are a great friend. Take care of everyone in our barn, let them know I’m ok. Let our readers know all of this and teach what I share with you to teach. I must go now. See me off and then return to the physical realm where I need you to be so that I can reach you.”

With that, she walked forward and the six donkeys took up formation as if they had done this many, many times. One donkey went in front of Amber, one walked behind her, and there were two each on either side. She was totally enfolded in a huge circle of donkeys. And just as they began walking off with Amber in the center of their group, Maestro ran to the front and assumed his position. He stood before the donkeys and bowed his head to them. And then he turned facing deep into the spirit realm and the donkeys followed him in formation. And then, he stopped, and without turning around, he lifted his right arm high into the air and said, “Ladies, let the music begin!” And in unison, all seven donkeys let go a long, loud, beautiful bray that literally vibrated every cell in my body. As they walked off together, Amber turned one last time to look at me and said, “And now you know why we call him Maestro!” With her steps becoming lighter and lighter and more and more graceful, I watched her shed the limitations of a time worn body as she began her journey back into spirit.

To be continued……

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